How To: Wonderhowto's World of Warcraft community

Wonderhowto's World of Warcraft community

Hello world!

I thought it was about time that wonderhowto had its own World of Warcraft community. A place where gamers from all over the real world can come together to discuss the in and outs of the biggest and best MMORPG.

Over the next few weeks you will see this world filled with all the best articles, how to posts, videos, tutorials and of course my blog with all the latest news on World of Warcraft as we near the release of Cataclysm, the new expansion for this epic game.

The ethic for this world is to keep things simple, in what can get quite a complicated game. There are some great warcraft websites out there but i get lost in pages and pages of forums trying to find an answer way too often. Here we plan to get the most useful information in a easy to find and easy to read format.

In our forums we want to provide a space where wowers can discuss a variety of topics, while doing our best to get rid of the repetition and annoying unnecessary comments you find so often in other warcraft forums.

Whether you are newbie to the game or you have been playing since the beginning, this world will give you the best information, tutorials, videos and a place to share your views about any aspect of world of warcraft with like minded people from around the real world.

So join our community and watch this space!

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